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SeaTrees Tokens are an innovative way to purchase certified carbon credits and support the development of blue carbon sequestration projects.

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cerqular’s mission is to make sustainable shopping easily accessible and affordable for all. Their goal is to drive product emissions to zero, by promoting sustainable brands, making them not only easy to find but common to buy.

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FashionUnited is the leading independent, online trade publication for the fashion industry. Avail of an unlimited 8-month membership for Green Story partner brands.

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Parker Lane Group

Parker Lane Group’s primary service is to manage and then resell customer returns and excess stock. PLG exists to provide brands, retailers and consumers with a range of opportunities to extend product life cycle as long as possible.

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SgT is a leader in quality management solutions for textiles and apparel and supports brands via audits, technical assistance, inspections, laboratory testing, and sustainability solutions.

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