Akhil and Navodit envisioned creating a level playing field for companies with green and social products. The goal? Get every consumer in the world to make greener choices by asking the question: “What’s my impact?” 

Akhil and Navodit met during their MBA at the Rotman School of Management in the University of Toronto in 2011. As two people who were interested in making an impact, they did deep research to understand why consumers aren’t making greener choices. They found that there were 3 key issues preventing greater green adoption: price, understanding of environmental impact, and the personal connection. The Green Story platform was created in 2015 to address these issues. Through their decades of experience and deep research, they were able to create a solution that showed consumers the impact of making greener choices, in a clear, relatable way.

The mission of Green Story has always been about helping consumers choose the more sustainable and ethical option. We all want to do the right thing but we need to know, and feel, the positive impact we’re making.

By providing a simple, credible and flexible impact marketing platform, Green Story is bringing a sustainable way of doing business into the mainstream.

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